Welcome to Rumer Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rumer knows that the decision to have cosmetic surgery is extremely important and very personal. At Rumer Cosmetic Surgery, from the moment you schedule your first consultation, to your final post-procedure visit, our focus is on YOU. By carefully listening, understanding and respecting your needs, we partner with you to make your dreams come true.

Realizing the field of cosmetic surgery is constantly advancing; Dr. Rumer strives to offer the latest minimally-invasive techniques that are safe, providing beautiful, natural outcomes with minimal downtime.

Dr. Kathy L. Rumer is a highly-respected, board-certified, female Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with an exclusive practice conveniently located on Philadelphia's Main Line.

Her reputation for attention to detail and meticulous technique, along with an insightful female perspective, has sparked a rising demand for her expertise. Her warm and approachable nature allows her patients to feel comfortable and, most importantly, develop trust.

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