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Vanquish Waist Reduction

Vanquish non-invasive fat reduction and removal

Published by Dr. Kathy Rumer .

Your body is almost what you want it to be, but there are still some areas with stubborn bulges that diet and exercise don’t seem to improve. With Vanquish, the newest innovation in non-invasive fat reduction and removal, you can have the sculpted body you want – with minimal discomfort. Vanquish, manufactured by BTL Aesthetics, is an FDA approved, non-invasive, no-touch deep-tissue heating procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy technology to help destroy fat cells and slim the waistline. The Vanquish treatment is an ideal option to target areas of the body that include the waistline, back fat, and love handles. Sensors built into the device “read” the patient’s body fat and customize the amount of energy the machine will deliver. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. Common side effects include mild redness, tissue tenderness, which generally fades away in about an hour after the procedure. Patients can resume normal activities immediately. Rumer Cosmetic Surgery is Philadelphia’s exclusive provider of Vanquish treatment. Learn more here or with a visit to Dr. Kathy Rumer – contact our office and set up an appointment today.