Tummy Tuck Recovery – Ab Muscles Ardmore

Published by Dr. Kathy Rumer .

Healing is one of the most important parts of any surgery, and abdominoplasties are no exception. Since a lot of skin, fat, and muscle tissue are removed, the body needs time to recover. If you make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions, the tummy tuck recovery process will not be too taxing.

Once the stomach area has been recontoured by the plastic surgeon, stitches will be used to close the abdominoplasty incisions. Over the course of one to two weeks, as part of your tummy tuck recovery, these stitches will be taken out in stages.

Your plastic surgeon will guide you through the tummy tuck recovery process, making certain that you fully understand each step. Dr. Kathy Rumer, a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, will answer any questions you may have. To find out more, set up a consultation by contacting us.