Laser Depilation – Laser Hair Removal Ardmore

Published by Dr. Kathy Rumer .

If you’re sick of hiding those legs or constantly shaving them, laser depilation is a great – and permanent – solution. This method for getting rid of embarrassing hair is very effective.

The laser depilation procedure works best on patients whose unwanted hairs are dark. This is because dark hairs are rich in melanin pigment. Our Harmony XL SHR laser’s heat energy locks onto melanin pigment in the hair, injuring its cells. Note that lighter-colored hairs may be unaffected by the treatment. To find out more, speak with your plastic surgeon.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kathy Rumer is very experienced with laser depilation and other aesthetic procedures. To create an appointment with Dr. Rumer to discuss the procedure in greater detail, contact our office today.