Breast Revision

Published by Dr. Kathy Rumer .

Have you noticed an unusual, misshapen look to your breasts following breast augmentation surgery? This may be an indicator of capsular contracture. If you’re experiencing this or another issue with your breasts, revision breast surgery can be a highly effective solution.

Along with the unusual look, breasts experiencing capsular contracture may feel painful and possibly stiff. The reason for this has to do with scar tissue. With capsular contracture, the scar tissue of the capsule – a shell of scar tissue that the body normally creates around a breast implant – is too thick.

To fix capsular contracture during revision breast surgery, your plastic surgeon may perform alterations on the scar tissue capsule, or it may be taken out completely. To find out more about possible solutions to breast-related issues, contact our office and create an appointment. Dr. Kathy Rumer, a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, will speak to you about your breast issues and recommend a revision breast surgery solution.

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Breast Augmentation Revision – Asymmetry Ardmore

Published by Dr. Kathy Rumer .

If you’ve noticed aesthetic issues with your breasts following breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to not ignore them. Instead, visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation revision, which can be used to correct these issues.

Breast augmentation revision can be necessary in cases where the results of a previous breast enhancement are asymmetrical. This may have occurred as a result of malpositioned breast tissue pockets. Your plastic surgeon may correct this issue through the use of strategic internal suture use in the breast tissue pockets.

Meet with experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kathy Rumer for a breast area evaluation. Dr. Rumer will be able to determine the best course of action for remedying breast issues through breast augmentation revision surgery. To set up a consultation with Dr. Rumer, contact us.

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